Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do You Know enough About Natural Treatments For Acid Reflux?

Acid refluxdifferently name Zheludochno-pishchevodnoj illness of reflux(reduced as GERD). The main sign of acid reflux- a heartburn. There can be other symptoms as a pain epigastric, difficulty in swallowing, painful swallowing, narrowing of a pipe of food or a gullet.

GERD - increasing (having cast) the gastric maintenance from a stomach in a gullet.

Usually, sphincter at the gullet basis (lower concerning a gullet sphincter), operates as an antirefluxbarrier. It opens to allow food to pass in a stomach and then is closed to prevent the gastric maintenance in a stomach from increase in a gullet. When at the person is GERD, lower concerning a gullet sphincter weakens brieftly, allowing the gastric maintenance from a stomach before refluxin a gullet.

Almost all test acid refluxduring some time, with symptoms, such as a heartburn after heavy meal.

Some of the most frequent reasons of acid outflow, underline, smoking, is a little energizers and demulcents, drinking it is too much soda, alcohol, eating just going to bed, eating the big food intakes with the grease, fried and fat products.

In case of experience of symptoms of outflow, updating of a way of life, dietary updating, and medicines, including neutralised means acid, usually are the first lines of treatment. If these measures not in a condition to reduce symptoms, medicines, such as Gystamin are ordered, 2 blokers a receptor (H2) or proton inhibitor the pump (ICO).

The big alternative - natural treatment for kitchen also is easily accessible everywhere.

Tea is harmful to patients of acidity.

Some house means from natural treatment:

Teaspoon of apple vinegar of an apple in a glass of the water taken while the meal is effective.

Red roots can be started up after each dinner.

The potato is naturally alkaline as it contains salt potassium which limits acidity. Hence the potato capture regularly with food intakes helps to reduce acidity. Take a fried or boiled potato only.

The meal of a carnation after food intakes is useful.

Carrot juice cures acidoz.

Drink of juice of the radish mixed with a sugar powder of a sugar candy, will be favourable in case of a sour eructation.

The meal of a banana with sugar and a cardamom powder is useful.

It is good to take a glass of hot water with a lemon forty five minutes prior to food intakes. potassium in a lemon will neutralise acid. The capture of a glass of hot lemon water also is useful in the evening. The Lemon juice can be mixed with honey; do not add salt to it.

Capture 2 tsp. amla (gooseberrry) the juice mixed with equal quantity of a sugar powder of a sugar candy or dried up amla of a powder, the sugar candy mixed with a sugar powder with water, helps to cure acid outflow.

The diet on juice of an orange, pineapple, mausambi, carrots, a pumpkin, a cucumber, a bottle pumpkin, a lemon during 2 - will help 3 days. It is a little quantity of cold milk put - house means from acidity and so drinks crude coconut milk three times.

The onions are very favourable if connection 60gms. From onions parts in 30 gms. Cottage cheese it is eaten three times daily within at least 1 week.

Mix and grind equal quantity of seeds of caraway seeds, seeds of a coriander and a sugar sugar candy. Take 2 tsp. It with cool water two times a day after food intakes provide simplification from acidity.

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