Friday, August 24, 2012

Popularity of Natural Cures

Historically all cures we used were "natural" but the growth in "orthodox" medical treatments saw a change in emphasis. There was a growth in medication that was being synthesised in laboratories by scientists. Some natural cures were hijacked by the medical profession and claimed as startling new discoveries. Penicillin is a good example of this; it is a completely natural cure for many forms of bacterial infections.

There is plenty of evidence that modern synthetic medicines have, in general, had a beneficial effect on the health of society, however there have been many examples of their serious and even lethal repercussions which has led to many more people searching for safer natural alternatives to those being offered by orthodox treatments. The increasing use of chemicals in our environment causes concern for many people and these concerns have also fueled the search for more natural cures.

The general perception that natural treatments can be much more effective, they not only cure the disease but they endeavour to eliminate the basic root of our illness and any type of disturbing elements within our body. We can then achieve better health not only for today but also for the future.

Natural cures must not be only thought of as remedies found naturally in nature, there has been a massive growth in alternative therapies in recent years. Most of these therapies offer a safe "natural" non intrusive form of therapy that complements and even replaces more orthodox medical practices.

Finally we must bear in mind that the "it's natural therefore it must be ok" school of thought should remember that Nature over many billions of years has also produced a wide variety of drugs that are more dangerous than anything man has produced so far.

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