Monday, August 27, 2012

Natural Cures for Diabetes

I have often heard diabetic people saying that they are tired of all the drugs their doctors have prescribed to them. On the other part they've begun to have liver or any other body's organ problems.

The same happened to my parents too. They used to have an entire plastic box with lots of diabetics medications. They don't want to have it any more.

So, there are many attempts to find out the , with no more drugs' plastic box and their devastating side effects. All the remedy you can find in nature. I did it for my parents too.

At the beginning I did not believe it would work. But, when I began to serve them to my parents, I was astonished by the results. Their blood sugar level shifted down and their problems with skin infection and leg numbness were almost gone. I was pleased to see my parents happy with a lower blood sugar level.

What I've done was to try what I've learned about some herbs and vitamins and minerals that can help diabetic people to lower blood sugar level, and help them to have a happier life with less problems and side effects beating diabetes naturally.

Some of these are included in one combination that can easily help diabetics:

bitter melon-which is high in insulin;

cinnamon-which has some components that can lower blood sugar level, gymnema sylvestre-enhances the insulin production, banaba, vitamin C, chromium, garlic, and many other.

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